These Are Just Words

by Little Image

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released October 19, 2014

Producer/Engineer: Trey Featherston (Stone & Feather Productions)

Mastering: Cauliflower Audio

Jackson Simmons
Ivy Patterson
Trey Featherston
Abbie Simmons



all rights reserved


Little Image Dallas, Texas

Indie Rock | Dallas TX

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Track Name: Words
I'm trying not to be
Offended by the words
That were said to me
They were hurtful, not forgettable
And my flesh doesn't want to forgive

These are just words
That really hurt me
Wounded my soul, oh words
These words that burned
Through the rooms of my heart, words

Father help me, to forgive them
For they know not what they do
Oh, help me, not to be hurt
By the words that felt like burns

I'm trying to forget
I'm aching to be free of the words
That stabbed right through my chest
And all I need is to find my rest
Track Name: Daddy
You're my loving father and you love me so
You're my loving father and you'll never go
You sent your son to die or all my sins
But no one seems to appreciate what you did

You're my daddy

You're like my papa who tucks me in at night
You are my father who sings me a lullaby
Track Name: Fill My Cup
I want to soak in your holy water
I want to swim in the pool of your love
I want to bathe in the ocean of your presence
So, Lord come and fill my cup

Come and fill my cup
Come and fill it up
Come and fill my cup
With your holy water, God

My heart is dry, it's thirsty for your water
It's like a desert
My soul is parched, it's dry like bones
There's cracks in my heart, cracks in my soul
So won't you fill my cup?
Track Name: Monster In My Bed
Crumbling inside my mind
It seems to be that I am blind
The world is trying to get into my brain
They need to know that I'm not going to that place

Walking down a very lonesome road
Can't you see that I've got this heavy load?
Every time I hear a scary noise
It reminds me of all the times I heard that voice

It's like a monster in my bed
These stupid lies going through my head
I can't contain this thing that's in my mind
It's pulling me apart
It's like a monster in my bed
These stupid lies going through my head
I can't contain this thing that's in my mind
It's breaking me apart

I'm bleeding from the inside out
Swimming in my endless doubt
My heart is weak, it skips a beat
My mind says stay but my soul says flee
Track Name: Tomorrow Will Be Better
It was a long time ago
She walked down lonesome roads
Feeling breathless and alone
Insecurities exposed

She sang happy songs
To drown out the darkness
In her heart, oh in her heart
Everyday she felt her soul was starved
She kept on singing to herself, this song

Tomorrow will be better, darling
Tomorrow will be a better day for you
Tomorrow will be happier, darling
Tomorrow will be happier for you

Trails and paths she stumbled through
She tried to move her feet
But they were stuck like glue
Forsaken and forgotten are the words
They are the words that were her toxin
For every moment she would lay awake
For every moment she would lake awake and say