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Andre Bell
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Andre Bell Waited for what seemed like forever for this record, and it's here. Thank You

Nothing bad to say about these guys. Beautiful Work Favorite track: I Guess I'm Not a Part of Your Dreams.
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released August 11, 2017



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Little Image Dallas, Texas

Indie Rock | Dallas TX

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Track Name: Goodbye.
I won't miss you
Father, goodbye
I wont leave you
My son, my love
Track Name: Bottles
A man of suffering
I've been here before
Familiar with pain
But I'm too afraid to tell anyone

Anything, anymore
Bottling things so tightly

When I look to the
Grass and the trees
I just sit and think
Of how you never loved me

Or anything, anymore
You bottle your love so tightly

I loved you, I loved you
Did you love me did you ever love me?
Track Name: 2414
Iron touches iron in our mouths
Words like a I miss you
Won't stop coming out

Iron sharpens iron
In our hearts
Moments when I'm with you are profound
I miss you Kingwood and all the spots we found
Smiles are harder
On the days you're not around

The wanting doesn't go away
I've inhaled it and I swear it will stay
If moments they were made of clay
I'd have these ones
They'd be every day

Oh, my love
There's things we say
Just to calm the time that we're away
I'll sing my songs
While you dance around
Words like I love you
Won't stop coming out
Track Name: Dear Orphan
Dear orphan, I'm sorry
Dear lonely, you're lovely
Dear lovely, I did it for you
If you're lonely, forgive me

If you write me another letter
I'll read it on my bed
Cause they distance that's between us
Is only in our heads
I'll write you another letter
You'll read it on your bed
Cause the distance that's between us
Is only in our heads

Dear stranger, I'm speechless
Dear danger, protect me
Oh, mother you did it for me
I'm hurting, but I'm healing
You hurt me, but I'm healing

Oh my love, release me
Let me go
Oh my love, release me
From the grips of this hold
Track Name: I Guess I'm Not a Part of Your Dreams
Maybe there's a reason for me
Are you scared of losing all of your dreams?
Maybe, He planned for me to be
But will you still pull the trigger on me?

What did I do?
What did I do to you anyway?

Maybe my life isn't important
Maybe I could do great things
I know this puts a kink in your plans
Maybe I am what you need, maybe I'm a good plan B

What did I do?
What did I do to you anyway?
What kind of excuse, made you take life from me?
What did I do to make you kill me anyway?
Track Name: Prin
I've never been happy
To be upset
When I hear your voice
When I hear you laugh

I smile

They used to call you baby
An egg unhatched
You used to be unknowing
Of what you have

You're special, and I smile

When I see your eyes
They say so much
I just want to see you
It's all I think of
You say you don't know why
You're the one I want
The way you say my name
I can'y help but

Smile, you make me smile
Track Name: Walls
I built my walls up high
So no one could get me
Nobody could hear me cry
If I could make it through to you
I know that you would hear me
I know you've been here all along
Loneliness is my temptress
She sings me a song
The song that I know all too well
If I could make it through to you
I know that you would hear me
I know you've been here all along

Lay awake this is how things have to be
This is what I wanted
But it's deeper than I thought
Track Name: Cardboard Box Spaceship
Little boy, looking for
A fish bowl to put on his head
And his snow boots
Dreaming to make it past the moon

Little boy, searching for
A cardboard box to make it past the moon
Get it right, make a plan
Something to make his trip in

Feeling all alone, was I
Not sure where I was to go in life
Sometimes I would wish that I would die
Only so I could be close to you